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Welcome to Revitalized Classics!

About Us

Hello, my name is David and I founded Revitalized Classics in 2018. I live and work in Glasgow, in the UK.


Why start a record label?

I love opera and classical music and I have taken a hobby - audio engineering/remastering - and turned it into my full time job.

I'm fascinated by how modern technology allows us to hear details from the recordings which were not as obvious before because of mechanical issues like hiss and clicks. 

Why choose these recordings?

I've chosen these projects because they are often historically important - for instance, debut performances, the only recordings of a particular work by famous conductors etc which can be exciting and because remastering has transformed the sound quality.

As we are a small company we can reissue unusual repertoire which might not sell in big numbers but which are appreciated by opera and classical music fans.

Why sell downloads?

I love preserving great recordings for the future in the best possible sound quality. I have transferred the albums to digital, reduced clicks and pops and other mechanical noise which can get in the way of your enjoyment. I've frequently used several copies of LPs to find the best sound. 

Since I've been working with downloads I really appreciate their convenience, the speed they can be sent to the customers and, because they do not require postage and packing, they offer excellent value for money.  

Is buying downloads from Revitalized Classics easy?

Downloading from us is very easy :)

Our downloads are available as high quality

24 BIT/44.1kHz FLAC, 16 BIT/44.1kHz FLAC and 320kbps MP3

Once you have added the recording(s) to cart, enter your details which will let you set up an account which makes buying from us in the future even easier.

We take security seriously and we will never pass on the information you provide us in confidence.

If applicable, you can also apply discount codes at this point - it is worth checking our site frequently as we will celebrate artistic anniversaries and holidays through the year.

We accept Paypal and other convenient forms of payment - you are sent an email link so you can download the recording(s) to your desktop/laptop. You can extract your download and enjoy it straightaway.

Our high quality downloads can make a great gift idea!

When you buy one of our exclusive downloads, you are sent an email link to download the album: why not buy one as a gift for an opera lover and classical music enthusiast! You can even send it as a last minute gift as it is processed quickly and you are emailed a link straight away.

Ways of contacting Revitalized Classics


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REVITALIZED CLASSICS: Preserving essential recordings by legendary musicians performing the works of genius composers.

High quality classical music and opera downloads for enjoyment, study and teaching – making the best of the past accessible with modern technology.